The Most Simple Morning Routine Ever

Every successful person I know talks about their morning routine like it’s the holy grail. And I’m convinced that getting into good morning routine (as a habit) will help you accelerate your personal and business success. But here’s the thing… You need to make your morning routine a habit.

If you read other articles on this, you’ll find that many morning routines are super complex and require that you have the discipline of Rocky. These are tough for me. The truth is, if the routine is not simple, I won’t do it. So here is the most simple morning routine I ever developed:

Simple Morning Routine

While each person’s routine is different, I wanted to share mine as an example:

01.) 4:30 AM – Wake up.

02.) 4:35 AM – Drink TWO LARGE GLASSES of water.

03.) 4:40 AM – Sip a cup of coffee or matcha tea.

04.) 4:45 AM – Break out the journal and free flow on these topics:

  • What am I grateful for?
  • What do I really want out of life?
  • How can I improve?

05.) 5:15 AM – Listen to an inspirational audio training or an awesome podcast.

06.) 5:45 AM – Continue audio training in car as I go to the gym.

07.) 6:00 AM – Continue audio training on treadmill days. (*If it’s a workout class, I focus on the class.)

08.) 7:10 AM – Continue audio training on drive home.

09.) 7:40 AM – Shower / Eat / Prep For Day

10.) 8:15 AM – Spend time with wife. (Often we take the dog on a walk.)

After the walk, my wife heads to the office. Then I start my day.

Prep Your Morning Routine

I have had a lot of insomnia. Cutting down on food and booze helps a lot. And if I’m not at some networking event, I try to stop eating all food around 7PM. This gives me enough time to digest dinner and get to bed around 10PM each night.

If you’d really like to sleep better, I highly recommend that you turn off your phone before bed and leave it in the other room. I’m not kidding. I have completely stopped brining my phone into the bedroom. And this alone has really helped me improve my sleep.

If you incorporate some of these tactics into your day, you might just feel amazing. You’ll have more optimism. This will lead to more productivity. And your added productivity will lead to a deep, sound sleep. As a result, you might want to sleep in some days. On those mornings, don’t beat yourself up for changing routine.