diy kitchen latte

How To Make Lattes Without An Espresso Machine

My wife and I lived in Los Angeles in a small apartment three floors above a Starbucks. We went there every day. Then our daughter was born, and we moved out after that. We found a home with a backyard. Big enough for the kid and the dog to run. It was far from the … Read More

How My Parents Saved Big Money by Cutting the Cord on Cable TV

In the age of digital entertainment, my parents found themselves paying an eye-watering $220 per month for their cable TV subscription. This hefty bill resulted from the bundle they had signed up for, which included a basic package, phone service, and additional fees that added up quickly. Determined to find a more cost-effective solution, they … Read More

collective accounting saves taxes

My Collective Accounting S-Corp Adventure

Table of Contents Bookkeeping sucks. Accounting sucks. Tax planning sucks. Paying taxes sucks. And if you’re still crunching your numbers in your solo consulting or freelance business while working to serve your clients, you’re likely overwhelmed and paying more taxes than you should. Or at least that is my experience running a single-person LLC for … Read More

woman enjoys sunrise with morning routine

Maximize Your Day with This Simple Morning Routine – Achieve More and Feel Great!

Many successful people swear by their morning routines, and for good reason. A consistent morning routine can help reduce stress and anxiety, boost energy levels, improve mood, and increase daily productivity. Establishing a morning routine can help set a positive tone for the rest of the day, giving you a sense of control and calmness. … Read More