New Years Resolutions Suck: How To GO BIG In 2021

New Years Resolutions suck. And if you’re like most ambitious people, you just spent the last few weeks thinking about how you’d like to go big in 2019… You thought about who you are and who you want to become. And maybe for the first few days (in the New Year) you actually took some steps to get there.

But then life happened. And you already dropped some of your “resolutions.”

So why does this happen?

go big in 2019

New Years Resolutions Suck

The reason you haven’t (seriously) achieved the BIG LIFE CHANGING GOALS is because it is easier to stay comfortable every day, than go big. And you might even be comfortable, being uncomfortable… And believe me, I’m speaking from experience on this one!

Every day you wake up and you make similar decisions as the day before. Sure. You know what you should be doing. But you put off until tomorrow. Then days become weeks. And if you don’t figure out a way to change, you’ll be right back here, reading a similar article 365 days from now. And that will not feel good. So if you’re not where you want to be, you have two decisions:

  1. Do nothing and continue to let life push you into a comfort zone.
  2. Take serious action (not just theory) in the direction of your goals.

If you’ve read this far, I’m assuming you’re the type who wants to take serious action in the direction of your goals… And go big. But maybe you’re stuck on something. And maybe you don’t know what actions to take next?

How To GO BIG In 2019

Here are two tactics to help you go big this year:

  1. Learn NEW Stuff: Seriously. Read more books. Listen to audio training and podcasts. Watch instructional videos. Go to workshops. Make it your mission to listen to at least one informative podcast or audio book EVERY DAY. Over time this creates new thinking. And new thinking will eventually lead you to new action.
  2. Meet NEW People: You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. If the people you hang out with are average, you will remain average. You need to find people who are playing a BIGGER GAME and spend time with them.

Attend networking events in your area and make it your mission to take at least one (successful) person to lunch or breakfast every week. This practice will eventually help you make new friends, get you thinking in new ways, which will open the doors to new opportunities. And if you don’t know where to start, I suggest joining the local toastmasters club.

The secret of going big is achieved through small steps over time. And if you’d like to network with me, make sure you sign up for the most awesome newsletter you’ll ever read. Actually, I’m a little biased. But I do think you’ll like the stuff I send you.