Create a LeadPages Popup

One of the primary ways you can increase your online business is by getting more targeted website visitors to opt-in to your mailing list. And one of the ways you increase opt-ins is by leveraging the power of amazing opt-in software.

Through the years, I have tried several popular opt-in software solutions. And through my testing, I have found one of most successful ways to increase opt-ins involves utilizing pop-up software.

I know… I know…

As soon as you hear the word “popup,” you might be tempted to think about 1995 when the entire Internet was one big popup.

But I ain’t talking about that useless crap.

I am talking about utilizing an aesthetically pleasing, non-obtrusive light-box, opt-in popup that promises real value for your website visitors.

I am talking about an opt-in popup that provides an irresistible offer… An offer so good, that a large percentage of your visitors have no choice but to happily join your mailing list.

For as long as I can remember, the majority of my leads came from the opt-in popup installed on my sites. This changed a few months ago when I discovered an awesome opt-in software called LeadPages.

LeadPages is a web-based lead capture software that helps you increase the number of people that opt in to your email list. When you sign up, you have the ability to choose from dozens (soon to be hundreds) of proven, highly converting LeadPages templates.

You then apply these templates to your business so you can capture more leads.

Since adding LeadPages to my business, my opt-ins (and thus my business) has increased. And because the LeadPages software is so effective, much of my previous lead capture software has been made redundant.

While I’m happy to remove the old software from my blog, one thing that LeadPages currently lacks is a pop-up solution.

Update: LeadPages Now offers several pop up solutions.

And the truth is, I wondered what would happen if I could put LeadPages in a popup.

Would adding LeadPages in a popup improve my subscriptions?

In the following video, I am going to show you how to combine LeadPages with a Smart PopUp plugin, which is essentially an iframe popup plugin for WordPress.

How To Create a LeadPages Popup For WordPress

For those of you interested, here are the tools I utilized to create a LeadPages popup for WordPress.

Step 1 – Select Your WordPress Theme: You will need to select your WordPress theme. I prefer sites made on the Genesis framework. You don’t need to utilize Genesis for this setup – However I have only tested this scenario on Genesis. Genesis Framework (affiliate link – they pay me to promote.)

Step 2 – LeadPages:  I assume you’re already a LeadPages customer. If not, you can find out more about LeadPages by going here.  LeadPages (affiliate link – they pay me to promote.)

Step 3 – Grab This PopUp Tool: In my example, I show you how to  going to create a LeadPages popup for WordPress by incorporating the Smart PopUp plugin for WordPress.

Please post any questions in the comments below. I will be happy to help you.