quitting your job

Warning: Quitting Your Job May Suck More Than You Think

Quitting your job may suck more than you think. This is a bummer because most folks teaching entrepreneurship will have you believe that turning your side hustle into a full time business is the best decision you can make… And maybe this is true for some people. But if you’re like me, you might find … Read More
get out of debt

How To Get Out Of Debt And Acquire Substantial FU Money

I am going to share some steps on how to get out of debt, so you can stop worrying and do something awesome with your life! But before we get there, let me point out that I’m not a financial advisor. So what I’m going to share is based on my personal experience with debt … Read More

How To Find Your Next Career

It’s four-o-clock in the morning and you’re wondering how to find your next career. You’re laying in bed wide awake (again). The whole world is spinning and you’re thinking maybe you should have made different decisions with your life. What you’re feeling is uncertainty. And I’ve been there. In the past decade, I have worked … Read More
Set Realistic Goals

How To Set Realistic Goals

Are you one of those people who set realistic goals? If so, you’ve probably had one of those months when everything is totally awesome. And as you get closer and closer to your goals… BOOM! In an instant, everything turns into to poop… Even if you work to set realistic goals, your reality can change … Read More
cruise hacking

The Impulsive Traveler’s Guide to Cruise Hacking

Cruise hacking is a subset of travel hacking. And if the concept of travel hacking is new to you, here’s the deal: Travel hacking is simply the art of maximizing loyalty and travel reward points so you can get discounted (and most times free) hotels, flights, car rentals and cruises. And before I share the … Read More

How To Fix Your Site When You Get This: The Website Ahead Contains Malware

So you just received the following, dreaded message related to your blog. . . The Website Ahead Contains Malware! That’s the message I woke up to today for one of my major websites. And I immediately freaked out. I mean, really freaked out. What the heck is Malware? And why is my website currently telling … Read More