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Living Dot Com

Living Dot Com Validated My Blogging Mission by Jason Brubaker The other night, I attended the Los Angeles premiere of Living Dot Com. Living Dot Com is a documentary focused on people who actively live the internet lifestyle. The movie features some of the top internet bloggers and information marketers in the world. For context, […]

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LeadPages Popup

One of the primary ways you can increase your online business is by getting more targeted website visitors to opt-in to your mailing list. And one of the ways you increase opt-ins is by leveraging the power of amazing opt-in software. Through the years, I have tried several popular opt-in software solutions. And through my […]

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Blog Topic

A few years ago, I was between jobs and worried about my future. I picked a blog topic and started writing. And over time I added more articles and the money followed. Over time my blog grew to a point where it paid for all my bills. I am not going to sugar coat my […]

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how to get out of debt

How To Get Out Of Debt And Create Substantial FU Money

I am going to share some steps on how to get out of debt, so you can quit worrying and do something awesome with your life! But before we get there, let me share something personal with you. Every month, my business grows a little bit more. Much of this growth is driven by my […]

The Website Ahead Contains Malware

How To Fix Your Site When You Get This: The Website Ahead Contains Malware

So you just received the following, dreaded message related to your blog. . . The Website Ahead Contains Malware! That’s the message I woke up to today for one of my major websites. And I immediately freaked out. I mean, really freaked out. What the heck is Malware? And why is my website currently telling […]

full time online business

Should You Quit Your Job And Start An Online Business?

If you’re wondering if you should quit your job to start an online business, or take a job offer, you’re not alone. That’s a question I find myself asking my girlfriend each month as I review my increasing passive income… And it is times like these when I reminisce about my first info product launch… […]

email marketing rules 1

Email Marketing Rules

If you’re just starting your blog, I’m going to share why I think email marketing rules. I’m also going share a few tips that can literally save you years of frustration (and help you make a lot more money.) Email Marketing Rules by Jason Brubaker Here’s the deal-e-o. Despite all the hype out there, many […]

How To Make Money Blogging

How To Make Money Blogging

Wondering how to how to make money blogging? I get it. Long before I started blogging, everything about publishing words on the web seemed like a distant concept, reserved for the technically savvy. And because I wasn’t very technical, I really had no idea how to start a blog or how to make money blogging. […]