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Should You Quit Your Job And Start An Online Business?

If you are dreaming of quitting your job so you can start an online business, you’re not alone. Creating an additional revenue stream helps you sleep better at night. And as your online business grows, sooner or later you’ll start getting the itch to break free.

This question sparks the memory of my first info product launch. Long before I had anything that resembled an online business, I wasn’t sure if online success was possible. Not because people didn’t make money online. I personally know many people who are successful online. I just wasn’t sure if having an online business was possible for me.

Call it a lack of confidence or a skewed worldview. But where I’m from, people actually WORK for a living. My dad worked at a factory. My mom worked for the phone company. And I believed if I wanted something, I had to WORK for it too.

online business

Should You Quit Your Job And Start An Online Business?

The early part of my career was spent selling everything from hot tubs to household appliances to commercial real estate. My life consisted of one cold call after another. Sometimes more than sixty calls per day… That was real work.

Then the recession hit and everything went bonkers. Out if the ashes, I started a blog. I kept writing until I eventually reworked a few dozen articles into my first info product. I then sent out promotional email to my subscriber list.

Email Marketing RulesSuddenly I wasn’t making cold calls. But I was still making sales. I spent the rest of my day obsessively refreshing my email inbox for the little word that felt better than any Vegas jackpot.


But unlike Vegas, this wasn’t a gamble. People were giving me money in exchange for the value my product offered. People were paying because they wanted my experience. They wanted me to help solve their problems.

And this was possibly the most amazing feeling I ever had. Can you imagine? I was getting money thrown into my inbox.

My launch wasn’t spectacular by guru standards. I ended up making just over $800 dollars that day. And while the experience didn’t change my lifestyle, it certainly changed my life. Selling stuff online is a gazillion times more fun than cold calling.

Since my initial launch many years ago, I have repeated the process over and over. With each new product launch, my income increases. As a result, I have reached a weird stage where I care a lot less about my resume. And I care a lot more about spending time with friends and family.

I know this sounds odd. But there is a certain loneliness to running an online business. None of my friends get it. And I am not yet at the John Chow stage of my business. (John Chow makes more than 40K per month.) Even so, I have created enough value to support myself financially and pay for a pretty okay lifestyle here in LA, which is one of the most expensive cities in the world.

I have started thinking in terms of problems and products. What problems can I solve? How will I solve those problems? Who is my target audience? Is the market large enough to support a product?

Those questions keep me up at night. And those questions are more exciting than asking if you should do this online business full time or merely get a job… Because if you’re still reading, I think we both know the answer. The question is, will you do what you need to do? If you liked this article, you’ll love my blogging checklist.

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