How to Pick a Blog Topic Your Audience Will Love

A few years ago, I was between jobs and worried about my future. I picked a blog topic and started writing. Over time my blog grew to a point where it paid for all my bills.

It wasn’t easy. And before I share my blogging secrets, it is important that we get a few things straight. Blogging success is going to require that you remain dedicated, passionate and constant.

This starts with finding your WHY. Why do you want to blog? What do you hope to achieve? Once you figure out WHY you’re blogging, you can focus on picking a blog topic your audience will love.


How to Pick a Blog Topic Your Audience Will Love

There are millions of blogs. And many of them do not make money. One of the biggest reasons bloggers fail is because they pick an unpopular blog topic. So the first thing you need to do is pick a blog topic people actually care about.

I originally started my blog to help people in the indie film community get movies made, seen and selling. I started with that topic because I had made some movies and knew the challenges. And I also knew there was an audience.

To choose your blog topic, you will need to answer the following questions:

  1. What is your preferred blog topic?
  2. Who is your intended target audience for your blog topic?
  3. Does a trade show exist for your blog topic?

Answering these questions will force you to sharpen your concept. And if a trade show exists for your blog topic, odds are good you’ve tapped into a profitable audience.

The other thing you can do (and this is a little more nerdy) is to find out how many people are searching for your topic online. The Google Keyword Planner provides a great tool for this. Follow this link and log into the Keyword planner with your Google account.


Once you’re logged in, your next step is to search for new keyword and ad group ideas.

Google_keyword_planner_2From there you will be able to enter keywords related to your topic. In this example, I used the keywords “how to make money online.”


Google will then provide detail on the amount of monthly searches. And while it might be pretty exciting to choose a popular topic, this also indicates that there are many competitors. So you will need to decide if competing is worth it.

Google_keyword_planner_4Hopefully these tips will help you pick a blog topic your audience will love. If you enjoyed this blog article, you’ll love my blogging checklist!

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