5 bucks a day

How Dennis Becker’s 5 Bucks a Day Changed My Life

If you’re like me, the whole idea of posting stuff online and getting paid for it is seductive. This sentiment is reinforced by a gazillion websites promising fame, fortune and the freedom to do anything you want, seemingly overnight.

The problem is, most of the “gurus” running those websites have never actually grown an online business. If they had, they would think twice about the promise of fast riches.

While blogging success is possible, I can assure you it doesn’t happen overnight. For the first year of blogging, my results were mediocre. To make my situation worse, I remember attending internet marketing events where other bloggers touted the fact they were making thousands of dollars in their sleep.

5 bucks a day

How Dennis Becker’s 5 Bucks a Day Changed My Life

5_bucks_a_dayAt the time, I was lucky to make a hundred dollars per month! This made me feel discouraged and I often thought about quitting. Then one day, I stumbled upon 5 Bucks a Day.

Unlike all the other hype-filled training, Dennis Becker’s book recommends that you simply focus on one goal: Make 5 bucks a day!

As soon as I read that, everything changed. I started worrying less about other bloggers and focused on one simple goal – Could I make 5 bucks a day online?

This simple question set the tone for my day. It forced me to plan out valuable activities that generated results. In time, my revenue eventually hit and surpassed 5 bucks per day.

Dennis recently updated 5 Bucks Per Day. The latest version explains the basic 5BAD strategy for those that haven’t read the original book, but also includes many of the real life marketing lessons Dennis learned growing his online business. In full disclosure, I love this book so much that I have become an affiliate.

Grab your copy of 5 Bucks a Day here.

Here’s the philosophy. If you can make five bucks a day online, you can make ten. And if you can make ten, you can make twenty… This sort if incremental growth is totally possible. And if you work at it, eventually you will surprise yourself. (And just in case you’re wondering, my next goal is to make $500 dollars per day online…)

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